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Providing solutions-oriented training for businesses, educational institutions, social services agencies, and religious organizations.


Looking to build a more inclusive workplace? Put Brian's years of experience in human services and education to work for your company. Brian is a highly sought-after consultant offering seminars, workshops, and professional development training on a variety of topics.


Although he is exclusively represented for the higher education market by CAMPUSPEAK, Brian is also available to corporate and other professional organizations by contacting info@mannaunlimited.com:

Available Programs


Building a House for Diversity

What could an elephant and a giraffe teach people about working together? Some very important lessons, it seems, about the complex--and critically important--issues of dealing with diversity in the workforce. Using a fable as a vivid metaphor for the difficult issues inherent in diversity, we will demonstrate how managing diversity can be seen as a set of skills that anyone can learn--and use. The “work” of this session will focus on understanding the perspective of both "insiders" (usually white males) and "outsiders" (usually minorities or women) and with hands-on guidance to help participants become "diversity mature" and take personal responsibility for their attitudes and actions.


Integrating Diversity in Your Strategic Plan

In order for engagement with diversity issues to work, it must be fully integrated into the mission, vision, and daily function of your entire institution. This session focuses on the three imperatives of diversity engagement:  strategic, moral, and educational, and how they impact the working community. The program focuses on building competencies, achieving critical levels of buy-in from all levels of the organization, and how to set benchmarks for diversity goals.


Recruiting for Diversity:  Specialized Training for Managers

Recruiting for diversity is an important part of the mission of most organizations; however, very little training exists on “how to” do it. This program creates opportunities for your hiring managers on vital topics that are crucial to successful recruitment, including: understanding organizational culture; how "Fit" is an anti-diversity code word; reading resumes for diversity; and, how the search committee CAN find diverse talent.


Who am I and What is it to You?

Part of being a culturally competent person is the understanding that individual identity development is impacted by interpersonal relationships and societal norms. At the same time, individual identities also influence others and society. Learn about the intersections of self and society and how understanding this plexus is important for multicultural interactions.



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