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Brian is nationally recognized for his energetic, interactive workshops and seminars. He is represented by Kirkland Productions and is available for booking by contacting Gina Kirkland at 866-769-9037. He was nominated BEST DIVERSITY ARTIST by the readers of Campus Activities Magazine in 2010 and again in 2012.


BRIAN C. JOHNSON has become one of the most respected names on the Kirkand roster, delivering his diversity keynote Reel Diversity to college students across the nation. Reel Diversity provides a safe dialogue in which students consider multiculturalism messages in popular movies.


All of Brian's programs are highy interactive, inclusive, and accessible for your student audiences. They can also be customized to match your specific programming and learning goals.


Reel Big Bullies


Using clips from Hollywood blockbusters like Knocked Up, The Emperor’s New Groove, Benchwarmers and others, Reel Big Bullies is designed to help students, administrators, teachers and counselors create a safer school environment for all students. It is also intended to help all students understand the terrible toll bulling can take on its victims, and to encourage students to stand up for their classmates who are being harassed.


Perfect for college campuses or junior and high school assemblies, Reel Big Bullies is designed to strengthen communities, foster mutual respect and build truly inclusive environments where all can thrive! (Can also be customized for your HAZING PREVENTION programs for fraternities, sororities, athletic teams, marching bands, and other organizations.)


In addition to Big Bullies, the following programs are also available:

REEL GREEK: Where Hollywood Boulevard Meets Greek Row

uses film clips from popular films like Old School, Animal House and Stomp the Yard (and many others) to explore the Greek community’s image, reputation, and ability to recruit. Reel Greek is perfect for Greek Week, new member events, officer training, or as a stand-alone all Greek program.


frames the diversity conversation through modern film. By sharing clips of well-known films and discussing the messages they consciously or unconsciously give, Brian allows every student to see himself or herself as diverse. Students laugh and remember some of their favorite movies, and from there, an interactive keynote about multiculturalism can begin. 



Using clips from popular films set on college campuses, Brian will deconstruct the Hollywood myth machine and empower students to make positive choices regarding the challenges they will face on a daily basis. This keynote will get students laughing as they remember their favorite scenes and are challenged to be critical thinkers about how to make positive, informed decisions about success in college as well as how to be a productive citizen within the campus community.



Brian did a wonderful job connecting with the students. His program really gave each and every one of the students a chance to engage in the presentation! The "Reel Diversity" presentation really made a positive impact on how we wish students to engage and view diversity on campus. I think the most effective was the fact that for students who identify as white...this may have been the first time they were encouraged/included in an explicit way into diversity conversations.  (Dickinson College)

Brian's use of humor and analogies engages the students before he even starts the "meat" of his presentation. Brian was extremely easy to work with. His sense of humor is an effective way to reach the students. Even when talking about serious issues, Brian had a nice balance between humor and communicating life lessons. (Whittier College)

Current, hip, engaging, funny! (Whitworth University)

I think Brian made a lasting impression (regarding diversity) with
some of the students in attendance. Most effective was his energy, humor, and engaging style. (Penn State Erie)

Brian's personality and style connected very well with our audience. It was a group of varying levels of comfort and knowledge on the topic (Diversity/Social Justice) and Brian put the staff, at all levels, at ease. Brian helped us create a foundation of understanding around the topics of diversity and social justice. The most effective aspect of his work was the name tag exercise, the least effective was having him leave. (Penn College of Technology)

He engaged them immediately, and they loved him. This is the first outside speaker we've really brought into campus, and we're already thinking of ways we can bring him back. He was down to earth, very informed on his topic, and reached the students. (Harrisburg Area Community College, York Campus)

The speaker was very effective because he used relatable material and was very enthused. The lasting impact will be hopefully a continuous use of his lecture through freshman orientation.(Randolph College)

Brian did an excellent job connecting with the audience. He was friendly, engaging, and in total control of the performance. The audience response was very positive--great post performance comments demonstrate that. (Penn State)

Brian's new NOVEL
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