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Reel Diversity: A Teacher's Sourcebook (revised edition


"No diversity educator should ever be without Reel Diversity. Reel Diversity provides a practical tool for educators and trainers to engage students and professionals in a dialogue about social justice issues through the use of film. Reel Diversity provides a vherealuable tool for novice and advanced diversity educators to inspire even those most resistant to understand the need for diversity education.”

Tchet Dereic Dorman, President, Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Association for Multicultural Education 


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Glee and New Directions for Social Change


In the fall of 2009, the Fox network took a bold step in their primetime television lineup. Borrowing from the success of reality music performance shows like its own American Idol, the network introduced us to the students at McKinley High School, a fictional high school in Lima, OH, and home to the glee club known as the New Directions. The group is made up of freaks and geeks who feel the wrath of being “different.” The cool kids are hell bent on making life difficult for the students in glee club. Yet, because of the determination of Mr. Will Schuester, the club’s advisor, along with a few great songs, Glee has brought a new tone of inclusion to modern television and direct parallels can be seen between the experiences of the show choir members and what is happening in contemporary society. Glee has shown the importance of examining the intersections of pop culture and social issues; this text will encourage thinking on how effective the show has been beyond the screen. Essays provide critical analyses of the show, its characters, and its overall usefulness as a commentary on social issues. The show’s content often deals with subject matter that would lend easily to critique around such social issues as sexuality, bullying, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and family relationships. This text invites readers to examine the intersections between media, society, and the individual.


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We've Scene It All Before: Using Film Clips in Diversity Awareness Training (2009)


Sense Publisher (



Multicultural education; corporate training



A revolutionary tool for corporate and academic trainers, We’ve Scene It All Before, harnesses the power of mainstream Hollywood film to enhance educational sessions about diversity and social justice. This resource manual offers practical guidance on how to effectively use the concept of difference as a starting point towards true inclusion. Seasoned and novice trainers will appreciate the suggested strategies and best practices on facilitating diversity dialogues, which are coupled with a set of twenty-five definitions that introduce and raise awareness of the personal and systemic nature of difference, discrimination, and power. Additionally, the author provides detailed descriptions of scenes from feature films that match those definitions (complete with time stamps from the DVDs for easy use in training programs). 

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Reel Diversity: A Teacher's Sourcebook (2008)


Peter Lang Publishing (



Multicultural Education; Media Literacy



Winner of the 2009 National Association of Multicultural Education

Book Award


Reel Diversity: A Teacher's Sourcebook is a resource manual for teachers who want to infuse the concepts of diversity and social justice into their secondary and college courses. Lecturers and workshop presenters will also appreciate this text for its practical uses. It discusses the role of the teacher in minimizing cultural dominance, prejudice, and discrimination in society. The text includes an extensive section on designing a diversity education course, and teachers will benefit from the suggested instructional activities, readings, assignments, and advice on creating a classroom atmosphere for these issues.


More than just another book on film literacy and criticism, this manual stands out from the competition for its practical, user-friendly mini-lessons using film clips from mainstream Hollywood feature films to illustrate the 25 diversity definitions provided in the text, and develops a list of questions following each clip that can be used to encourage cross-cultural dialogue.


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SINTIMACY tackles the taboo topic that Christians have been afraid to talk about for far too long...secret sin. Captured in the essence of a spiritual competition where we cannot be transparent with others for fear of not measuring up to others' expectations, Christians are forced into silence. Our spiritual enemy then uses secrecy and silence as a way to enslave individuals into forced servitude-the more secrets, the less we advance God's kingdom. Speaking from his own experiences with secret addictions, the author examines the behavioral patterns and attributes of those who struggle with secret sins of all types. This book is for those who want to be freed from the grips of spiritual slavery and those who love them.


Written with brutal honesty, Johnson exposes the excuses and lies often used to justify inappropriate activities. Those who are currently struggling will find a plan of escape and freedom that includes accountability, adherence to scriptures, and developing an awareness of temptations and triggers. By the end, readers will have been challenged to quit making excuses, overcome the guilt and shame often associated with secret sin, and to allow their past failures to become a tool to rescue others who are trapped in the shadows of secrecy. When the body of Christ is free from secret sin, the Kingdom will advance in power! God's plan of redemption for each of us provides a framework for examining how the sintimate can be restored to right standing before the Lord.


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