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SEND JUDAH FIRST launched August 3rd!

History has all but erased her existence­. But she deserves to be remembered. 

At the age of fourteen, Judah’s life came to an abrupt halt when she was stolen from her African village during a midnight raid. She was ruthlessly torn from her family, beaten, chained, and degraded—human cargo to be enslaved in a cold world she could barely comprehend. But despite the near hopeless circumstance of her life, Judah would strive for strength, dignity, and even happiness.

Judah lived and breathed a real life. Historical records reveal little that she was the cook at Virginia’s Belle Grove Plantation, gave birth to 12 children, and died in April 1836. Brian C. Johnson’s important work of historical fiction goes beyond what is recorded to portray the depth, humanity, and vulnerability of an innocent girl trapped in a world she did not choose.

Through Judah, Johnson honors the millions of nameless and faceless souls forced into slavery, who would be otherwise forgotten. For Judah “did the ultimate—she survived. Not as a weakling, but resilient and determined.”

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Friday, November 1st

Otto Bookstore

107 W. Fourth Street, Williamsport, PA



Saturday, November 2nd

Guardian Angel Christian Bookstore

312 Main Steet

Richfield, PA 

12:00 pm



Tuesday, November 5th

Profile Coffee & Roaster

185 S. Market Street, Elysburg, PA

6:00-8:00 pm


Sunday, November 10th

Muncy Public Library

108 S. Main Street

Muncy, PA 


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