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Brian faithfully serves on the ministry team of Revival Tabernacle in Watsontown, PA, under the leadership of Pastor James R. Bond. His ministry duties include serving as the youth pastor, as a deacon with pastoral care duties, and as spiritual adviser for the Tabernacle Players, the performing arts troupe. Rev. Johnson is ordained by the Global Network of Christian Ministries.


He has served in a variety of roles throughout the years including coordinator of chapel music, director of Christian education, Sunday School teacher and superintendent on the local, regional, and state levels.


Brian is a teacher by trade and calling and has been described as a "teacher's teacher." He is available to assist ministries large and small by offering engaging workshops and seminars; several of his more popular offerings include:


Building an Effective Sunday School Ministry

In these turbulent times, the church has the awesome responsibility of providing sound, Bible–based teaching that can impact and influence our society. This important seminar provides proven strategies to transform your Sunday School into a family life training center. When your Sunday School operates at its fullest potential, it becomes a viable ministry for evangelism, discipleship, church growth, leadership development, and youth and family support and guidance.


What's in Your Hand?:  Putting Spiritual Gifts to Work in the Local Congregation

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians outlines the roles of the ministry leaders within the local assembly, but what about the laity? Turn your “bench members” into full-fledged partners in your ministry efforts. Lay members who are encouraged to use their God-given spiritual gifts inside and outside the church are more fulfilled and more likely to connect with the mission and vision of the church.


Building a Multicultural and Inclusive Congregation

For years, 11:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings has been deemed the most segregated hour of the week. Denominational, racial, and social barriers have retarded the end time harvest as well as the advancement of God’s kingdom. Participants will learn the biblical plan for multicultural congregations and effective techniques that will tear down these barriers and foster a stronger community within the body of Christ.


Brian is also available as a guest minister or as a keynote speaker for special events. He is a dynamic minister and has the ability to deeply connect with listeners. Even teens love to hear him preach!

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